Alex was my piano teacher for 2 school years. He was an awesome teacher. I was really nervous to start at the beginning, but his relaxed and easy going demeanour made me feel comfortable, and I really enjoyed our sessions. I’m from Brazil, and for the yearend performance I wanted to play a Brazilian piece. He showed himself very versatile, easily switching between different genres, and helped me to achieve my goal to surprise my mother visiting from Brazil.
-Alessandra Sparreboom

Alex is a great musician and a thoughtful teacher.  His love of music is infectious.  My son Julian, began studying piano and theory with Alex at age 14 and is now in first year jazz studies at Capilano University.  I have no doubt that Julian’s continued passion and enthusiasm for music has everything to do with the gift of a great teacher!”
-Dana Irving

Alex is an outstanding and exceptional musician with a big heart.  He generously donated his time and talent for a concert to fundraise for an orphanage we were building in Pakistan.  He taught our son to play bass guitar and accompanied our kids who were performing at a family wedding.  You are in good hands with Alex!
-Amin & Nermin Karim

Alex Kelley taught guitar to my son, Jordan, for 4 years.  Jordan looked forward to his weekly sessions with Alex and grew as a guitarist considerably.  Jordan continues to be passionate about music and guitar, while is a great thing for a boy in grade 12.
-Amy Corbett

My daughters Lauren and Victoria were students of Alex Kelley for several years at Harmony House Music School. Alex was a phenomenal music teacher both in piano and guitar. My daughters were always eager to attend lessons with Alex and greatly benefitted from his strong technical ability,  his patient approach, his sense of humor and his effective goal-setting techniques. My daughters were also thrilled to be able to perform with Alex at special Harmony House events, and Alex’s display of his musical skill during those performances was a huge inspiration to all of the students at Harmony House including my daughters.
-Scott Macfarlane

Alex taught me for almost eight years, and gave me most of what I know about music. He has an impressive breadth of knowledge that allows him to engage with whatever it is you want to learn, and effectively teach it to you in a way that goes beyond simply reading out of a book. I am a multi-instrumentalist with a large range of musical interests, and despite being asked about classical arranging one lesson and south african rhythms the next, Alex was able to answer every question I had, no matter how strange or out of the blue they were. Alex has fostered my skills, as well as my interests in many areas of music, and I truly think he is a fantastic teacher.
-Brandon Lloyd

Alex Kelly was my teacher both personally and in a group setting, he was patient, upbeat and knowledgeable in both environments, leading to fast growth and learning. He also kept the lessons upbeat and fun, so music class never felt too class-like and more like fun. He is eager to try anything once, but also kept us on tack if we were too off beat. I would recommend Alex as a music instructor for any situation.
– Mark Cook
Alex was my teacher for seven years. through that time he was not only my piano teacher, but a friend. Alex always managed to make the lesson fun whether we were soloing back and forth, or practicing the major scales, and my piano lesson was the highlight of my week for many years. The best thing about my piano lessons with Alex was the mood changing effect, it didn’t matter what mood I went in, I always walked out smiling.
– Evan Wright
We have used Alex Kelley for guitar lessons for two of our boys over the past two years. We always found Alex to be very engaging and really good at motivating the boys. He is very punctual and easy to be around.
-Brock Smeaton