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Tabasko Event 1

Orquesta Tabasko

Orquesta Tabasko  was formed in 2007 by the groups director Diego Kohl after an inspiring trip to Cali, Colombia where one of his hit singles,’El Campo’ was promoted and aired on several radio stations. Diego was very impressed by the love of salsa he experienced down in Cali. “It’s the most popular style of music down […]

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Rockwells shot

The Rockwells

  This is rock for everyone — all the songs you know and love, and many songs you forgot you loved. We will be playing everything from the oldies like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, the classics like the Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin, the early pop and funk from Motown, and more recent favourites […]

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Zazueira Album 1


Fronted by songstress, Celia Enestrom, this authentic Brazilian band explores the exquisite rhythms and melodies of traditional and contemporary Brazilian music. Zazueira’s music is influenced by a variety of styles and rhythms, such as the ever-popular Bossa Nova of Joao Gilberto, music from the Samba and Chorinho styles, and Brazilian Pop, strongly influenced by the […]

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Alex and Celia Album

Celia Enestrom and Alex Kelley

I play bass with Celia Enestrom in the band Zazueira. However, we had the chance to record some pieces as a piano and vocal duo late in 2011. We recorded my song “Hidroavião” and the bossa nova classic “Insensatez.” [catlist name=”zazueira”]

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Paolo Brian and the Steamclocks

Paolo Brian

In 2010, I had the opportunity to play on my friend Paolo Brian’s album Blue and Gold. His music is a blend of rock and roll and pop with lush harmonies and catchy hooks. I played keyboards on these tracks. [catlist name=”paolo-brian”]  

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Lalaband album


Lala Band played original jazz music and Hard Bop. These songs were recorded in 2010 at Creativ Studios in North Vancouver. [catlist name=”lalaband”]

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This heart can be so...

The Contemporary Lovers

The Lovers’ unique brew of music is characterized by solid, creative, and interactive instrumental playing and a combination of beautifully composed and tastefully improvised material, all of which is topped off by Ms. Vargas’ soulful vocals. The group’s two songwriters each add their own distinct styles to the mix: Kelley’s compositions are catchy and melodic […]

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The Sangria Trio

  The Sangria Trio is a jazz guitar trio featuring Clayton Murray on guitar, Jamie Carter on drums, and Alex Kelley on bass. These tracks are original recordings written by Alex Kelley and Clayton Murray made in 2006 at the Columbia Academy. [catlist name=”the-sangria-trio”]

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