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Glee Featured

The wonder of Glee

I’ve starting watching the TV show Glee with my girlfriend recently. The first few times I saw it, it came with a kind of mix of fascination and revulsion. The impossibly well produced and polished ┬ásound that came from the characters mouths whenever they opened their mouths to sing really bothered me. I couldn’t help […]

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Polak Featured

Rainer Polak, the Swingin’ Ethnomusicologist

Last month I was able to attend a conference at the University of British Columbia on the theme of “Analytical Approaches to World Music. There were a lot of great talks, but the speaker that really grabbed me was Rainer Polak, a German Ethnomusicologist. He studies Djembe drumming styles in Mali and Guinea, and especially […]

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Samba Bass Featured

Samba and the bass

  One of the trickiest things about trying to play Samba as a bassist is the distressing lack of examples to follow. Samba has no traditional role for a bassist. This was tough to wrap my head around when I first started playing it, and I’m still getting used to it. I’ve been told my […]

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